How to Change Playback Speed on Spotify

How to Change Playback Speed on Spotify
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How to Change Playback Speed on Spotify

Even though millions of people use Spotify, it lacks a basic feature to change the music playback speed. However, there are workarounds that can help change the music playback speed on Spotify.

Luckily, this option is available for podcasts. So, when you’re listening to a podcast and the speakers are talking slowly, you can speed up the podcast and enjoy it at a pace you like. Here, in this article, we will look at how to change the playback speed of podcasts and the workarounds to change the music playback speed on Spotify.

How to Change Spotify Podcast Playback Speed on Computer

Step 1. Press the Windows key and search for Spotify. Click Open to launch the Spotify app.

Step 2. Go on and play your favorite podcast. Once you start playing your podcast, you can see 1x.

Step 3. You can click 1x to change the speed of your podcast. You can find multiple options to slow down or speed up the podcast.

How to Change Spotify Podcast Playback Speed on iPhone/Android Phone

Listening to podcasts can be a great way to engage with valuable content, especially when you have a long commute ahead of yourself. Most people listen to podcasts on their cell phones. Let’s look at the step-by-step process of changing the Spotify podcast speed on your phone.

Step 1. Launch the Spotify app on your mobile.

Step 2. Play your favorite podcast. Click 1x to change the playback speed of your podcast.

Step 3. Once you click that, you’ll see several speed options. Pick a speed that you prefer. For this instance, we’re choosing 1.5x.

Step 4. After you select a speed, the podcast will automatically continue playing at the speed you chose.

How to Change Songs Playback Speed on Spotify Web Player

This is a bit of a challenge because, unlike podcasts, there’s no playback speed change option when it comes to music.

Spotify doesn’t have a method to change the playback speed of music, but there’s a workaround. For this, you can use Spotify Playback Speed Access, a Chrome extension, to speed up or slow down your songs.

This method doesn’t work in native desktop or mobile applications. You need to use the Spotify web player on Chrome for this because you’re using a Chrome extension.

However, because of a recent Spotify update, the speed changer option from the extension can’t be found on Spotify’s UI. You can no longer use the extension (until the developer updates the extension itself), but there’s a solution for this. Thanks to the devs on GitHub, they fixed this issue. Here’s how you can change the playback speed of music on Spotify:

Step 1. Some people worked on the issues in the extension and uploaded them to GitHub. You have to download the zip file.

Step 2. Once it’s downloaded, extract the zip file.

Step 3. Launch the Chrome browser and go to chrome://extensions/. Now, toggle to the Developer mode.

Step 4. Select Load Unpacked.

Step 5. Upload the extracted zip file.

Step 6. You can now see the extension added to your Chrome.

Step 7. Now, go to the Spotify web player and play a song. You’ll see 100 next to the volume slider. You can slow down the song’s speed by clicking the down arrow or speed up the song using the up arrow.

Flexible Solution to Change Songs Playback Speed

Another way to change playback speed is to convert the Spotify songs to MP3 and then change the playback speed using a media player like PotPlayer.

Convert Spotify Songs to MP3

There are several third-party Spotify to MP3 Converters that help convert and download Spotify songs in MP3. One such popular software is Cinch Audio Recorder. This is an excellent software solution as it records the music from the audio card, giving you the same high quality of the original song itself. Let’s take a look at how to convert Spotify songs to MP3.

Step 1. Go to Cinch’s website and download their software.

Step 2. You’ll now see a .exe file downloaded. Run the .exe file.

Step 3. After the software is installed, the app is launched. You can now record any song you want, and it will be saved as an MP3 file. Go to Spotify and search for the song that you want to be converted. 

Step 4. Go to Cinch Audio Recorder and press the Record button.

Step 5. Play the song from Spotify now. The Cinch Audio Recorder will record the song. Once you’re done, click the same button again.

Step 6. The song is now recorded. You can see that the song is also automatically recognized and renamed to the song’s name on Spotify.

Step 7. You can find the recording in Cinch’s music folder on your computer. The path will most probably be C:\Cinch Solutions\Cinch Audio Recorder\music\. If you installed it on another drive, search for it in that drive. Say, you installed the software in the D drive, the path would become D:\Cinch Solutions\Cinch Audio Recorder\music\.

Change Playback Speed on PotPlayer

Once you have the Spotify song on your computer as an MP3 file, you can play it on any media player and change the playback speed of your songs. For this instance, let’s use PotPlayer. All you have to do is right-click on the song and select Open with. Choose PotPlayer from the list of media player options.

Now, when the song is playing, tap on the Settings icon. Go to the Playback tab and choose to speed up or slow down the song there.


Can you change the playback speed of Spotify music?

No, you can’t change the playback speed of Spotify music on your web app, mobile app, or web player. However, you can use a chrome extension to include that option in the Spotify web player.

Can you change the playback speed of Spotify podcasts?

Yes, you can easily change the playback speed of Spotify podcasts on all Spotify platforms.

Are there any alternate ways to speed up music on Spotify?

You can use the extension to change the playback speed on the web player. Otherwise, you have to convert the songs to MP3 formats on your computer and play them from a media player where you can change the song’s speed.


Changing podcast speed in Spotify is a great feature on Spotify, and this article walks you through the steps of changing the playback speed on your web and mobile application. What if you want to change the playback speed of music? Don’t worry, and we’ve covered that as well. You can use the corrected version of a Chrome extension to change the playback speed of songs on the Spotify web player, or you can convert them to MP3 formats and use a media player to change the speed. You can now listen to podcasts at your own pace and music at your own tempo.

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