YouTube Not Working on Xbox One/360? Here Is How to Fix It!

YouTube Not Working on Xbox One
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YouTube Not Working on Xbox One/360? Here Is How to Fix It!

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The Xbox gaming console has become more versatile over the past few years. It offers various features on top of providing a fantastic gaming experience. One of the most valuable features of Xbox is that it enables you to access YouTube directly from the console. This allows you to play videos and music in the background during gaming sessions.

However, suddenly encountering YouTube not working on Xbox One is irritating. This situation might arise due to a network issue, a glitch, or any other technical error. Luckily, there are different solutions to this problem, which you can implement on your Xbox effortlessly.

Solutions to Fix YouTube Not Working on Xbox One/ 360

YouTube on Xbox not working seems like a serious issue, but there are different, easy troubleshooting methods that you can try. We have conducted thorough research, and the best ways to fix this problem are listed below.

Solution 1: Check the Internet Connection

If you cannot access YouTube on your Xbox, you first need to check the internet connection. An unstable network stops your console from receiving consistent data.

To fix any WiFi network connectivity issues, reboot your router. Switch off your router for a few minutes, then switch it back on. However, if the issue persists, try the solutions discussed below.

Solution 2: Restart Your Console

Xbox runs on the Windows 10 Core OS. This efficient operating system runs games and other functions smoothly. However, sometimes your consoles might encounter minor glitches in the system.

Thankfully, you can quickly eliminate most minor bugs and glitches by restarting the console.

To restart Xbox, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Press and hold the button at the center of your controller. This will launch the Power Center.

Step 2. Next, select Restart Console.

Step 3. Select Restart.

Your console will take some time to reboot its entire system. Once it boots back up, launch YouTube and check if it’s running smoothly.

Solution 3: Log Out and Log In to Your Xbox profile

Another quick way to fix Xbox 360 YouTube not working is temporarily logging out of your Xbox profile. This sometimes helps remove any underlying issues with your Xbox’s connectivity features. To do this, simply do the following:

  1. Sign out of your Xbox profile.
  2. Next, launch the YouTube app. The console will prompt you to sign in to an existing Xbox live account or create a new one.
  3. Type your login credentials and sign in.
  4. Open YouTube and play a video to verify that it runs properly.

Another thing you need to ensure is that only one Xbox Live account is signed into your console. If there are any guest accounts in the system, remove them.

The settings of multiple accounts on one console can interfere with each other, causing features like YouTube not to respond properly. Therefore, it’s best to remove any guest accounts instantly after use.

Step 1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide menu.

Step 2. From there, look for Profile & system, go to Settings, and select System, then Console info.

Step 3. Under the Reset your console Screen, you’ll see two reset options:

  • Reset and remove everything. This will completely reset your console back to its factory settings. All your information, games, and settings will be deleted. It will be like owning a brand-new Xbox.
  • Reset and keep my games & apps. This is the best option for removing all problematic bugs on your machine without removing all your data. Your Xbox will only reset all console files. However, if the YouTube app itself is corrupted and reinstalling it does not work, you might have to try the “reset and remove everything” option.

We recommend resetting your Xbox while keeping your games and apps first. If that doesn’t work, you can consider removing everything and starting your Xbox fresh.

Solution 5: Uninstall and Reinstall YouTube

The reason behind YouTube Xbox not working might be within the YouTube app itself. Perhaps the YouTube cache files were corrupted, or there was a problem when the app tried to update.

An easy solution is uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube app on your Xbox. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. At the center of your controller, press the Xbox button.
  2. Next, head over to My Games and Apps.
  3. Find and select YouTube.
  4. Next, on your Xbox controller, press the menu button.
  5. Select Uninstall.
  6. Proceed with the step-by-step instructions on the screen to uninstall YouTube from Xbox.

Once uninstalling YouTube, wait a few minutes for the console to save the new changes. After that, reinstall the app. Here’s how:

  1. On your controller, press the Xbox button.
  2. Navigate to the Xbox One Store and open it.
  3. Go to the search option on the following screen and type YouTube using your controller and the onscreen keyboard.
  4. Select YouTube.
  5. Lastly, select Install.

YouTube will have all the default settings once you reinstall it. Now, you should be able to use the app seamlessly on your Xbox.

Solution 6: Update Xbox

Whenever Microsoft picks up on a major bug or changes a feature on the Xbox, they send an update. Some functions, including YouTube, might not run if your Xbox system is outdated.

Therefore, it’s best to avoid any version mismatch by updating to the latest drivers on your Xbox. To update your Xbox, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  2. On the menu that appears, select Settings.
  3. Next, go down to System.
  4. Select Updates and Downloads.
  5. Lastly, enable Keep My Console Up to Date and Keep my Games Up to Date.

By following these steps, Xbox will automatically install the latest updates whenever available.

Solution 7: Change DNS Server

Your current DNS server could also be the problem. Therefore, changing the DNS server could be the solution to this issue.

Follow the next steps closely to switch DNS servers:

Step 1. At the center of your controller, press the Xbox button.

Step 2. Locate and select Settings.

Step 3. After that, select Network > Network Settings.

Step 4. Then select Advanced Settings.

Step 5. Next, choose the DNS setting and select the manual option. 

Step 6. For Google Public DNS, change the Primary and Secondary DNS servers to 8.8.8 and, respectively. Then press Enter.

Any DNS server issues on Xbox interfering with the YouTube app should be fixed now.

Ultimate Solution to Fix YouTube Xbox Not Working

In most cases, implementing any of the abovementioned methods should fix YouTube not working on Xbox One. If the problem persists, you can wait for an update to resolve it. But if you want an instant solution, you should use VIDCOPE to download and transfer media to your Xbox.

VIDCOPE provides a powerful tool for downloading audio and video files from the internet. This application has a simple interface, making it easy to use even for beginners. Additionally, it offers multiple file formats like WEBM, MP4, and more.

However, what makes VIDCOPE the ultimate solution for YouTube on Xbox not working is its versatility. It can batch-download videos and music from YouTube and 1000+ platforms.

To download YouTube videos using VIDCOPE, follow the steps below:

Free Download Free Download
  1. Download and install VIDCOPE on your computer.
  2. Launch the application.
  3. Open YouTube and copy the URL of any video or playlist you want to download.
  4. Go back to VIDCOPE and paste the URL.
  5. Select the output format.
  6. Lastly, click the Download button to start downloading.
Download Youtube videos

Once the download is complete, you can easily stream the videos and music files on your Xbox by doing the following:

Step 1. Turn on your Xbox and ensure it is connected to a stable internet connection.

Step 2. On your Windows computer, go to Settings > Devices.

Step 3. From the navigation panel bar on the left-hand side, select Connected Devices.

Step 4. Click Add a Device.

Step 5. Your Xbox’s name will appear here. Then, select your console.

Step 6. Launch the Movies & V or Groove application on your computer.

Step 7. Select a video or audio file you downloaded using Allavsoft and click Play.

Step 8. Navigate to the bottom of the screen and select Cast to Device.

Step 9. A list of connected devices will appear. From there, choose your console, and your Xbox will start playing the music instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does YouTube not work on my Xbox?

There are multiple causes behind YouTube Xbox not working. These include a bad internet connection, technical problems with the Xbox software, bugs, glitches, or any issues with the YouTube app on Xbox.

Does YouTube work on Xbox?

Yes, you can enjoy YouTube videos on your Xbox. The app syncs with your YouTube account and allows you to watch your favorite videos whenever you want. Plus, you can play music in the background while playing any game on Xbox.


When it comes to offering the best video games on console, Xbox is one of the favorites. Along with immersive video games, the availability of other features like YouTube enhances the user experience significantly.

YouTube not working on Xbox One or Xbox 360 can be frustrating since it ruins the vibe of your gaming sessions. Luckily, there are easy solutions to this dilemma. We hope the tricks we recommended helped you fix the issue.

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