One-Stop Video Converter and Downloader

The Video Converter comprises the following main features:

  • Convert videos into your preferred audio or video format
  • Downloads and converts music from Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and Deezer
  • Downloads videos from Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Removes unwanted background from images
  • Removes vocals from audio files
  • Removes background noise from audio, giving you cleaner acoustics
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Video Converter

You can drag and drop the source video from your local hard drive or SSD. Alternatively, you can click the center button and manually browse and import the file. Next, choose your preferred video (or audio) format from the list, pick a resolution and bitrate, define an output folder, and begin the conversion process.

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Video Downloader

The tool offers a simple downloading process, where you can copy the URL of the video from the website, and click the center button on the VIDCOPE Video Converter’s ‘Download’ tab. Next, pick a video or audio format, select a resolution and bitrate, choose a language for subtitles, and start downloading.

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Video Editor

The ‘Edit’ tab of the app comprises media cutter and merger. In addition, you can crop and rotate your videos, add filters to them, increase or decrease their playback speed, and even add a watermark for branding purposes. Volume adjuster and video stabilizer are other noteworthy features to help you create professional videos for distribution and commercial gains.

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Music Converter

Music Converter in VIDCOPE isn’t a single feature but a collection of tools that you will find on the ‘Toolbox’ tab. With VIDCOPE Video Converter, you can convert and download tracks or playlists from Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Music, TIDAL, Amazon Music, and Deezer.

Once downloaded, you no longer need a paid subscription to any of these portals, and you can enjoy your favorite songs offline on the media player of your choice forever.

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More Features

Some other solutions that make VIDCOPE Video Converter a complete media creation and management toolkit include:

Background Remover

You can find the ‘Background Remover’ tool on the ‘Toolbox’ tab of VIDCOPE Video Converter. This feature helps you remove background from images, so you can add a custom one according to your requirements.

Screen Recorder

This feature helps you record computer screens, capture webcam footage, and add voiceover simultaneously. You can use the tool to create interactive videos, game walkthroughs, and tutorials.

Speech to Text

The ‘Speech to Text’ tool allows you to import an audio or video file to the program to convert the acoustics into text. This feature helps create subtitles, captions, and transcriptions.

Vocal Remover

If you’re a rising star and need karaoke audio for practicing, use the ‘Vocal Remover’ tool to get rid of the vocals from any song to extract only the music from it.

2D Video to 3D

The 2D to 3D converter transforms your 2D videos into 3D so you can watch movies more clearly. In addition, converting into 3D helps you observe the object more clearly for better analysis and research purposes.

Noise Remover

If your audio or video has an unwanted noise in the background, ‘Noise Remover’ can help you eliminate those impurities, leaving behind only the purest form of acoustics, which you can use professionally.

DVD Burner

Although DVDs are obsolete, some people still use them to keep their data secure. If you’re one of them, the ‘DVD Burner’ tool will help you write data on a blank DVD for storing purposes or taking backups.

Image Converter

‘Image Converter’ helps you convert images to a format of your choice so you can comply with the policies of the portals you want to publish.

Audible Converter

This feature allows you to import AA or AAX files and convert them to MP3 or M4B format as needed. You can even define a destination folder for convenient output file accessibility.

Instagram Downloader

This is helpful if you want an offline collection of memes or educational videos published on Instagram. The feature allows you to download Instagram videos and photos via their corresponding URLs.

AI Art Generator

This integrated tool accepts your text prompts and generates AI-powered images accordingly. You can define a theme and size for images according to the target platform you want to publish them on.

Video to GIF

As the name suggests, this built-in feature turns your videos into GIFs so you can use them on social media platforms as memes or for information sharing.

Voices from Our Users

Allana May

As a corporate trainer, I always prefer having a series of video tutorials to avoid repetitive sessions. Thanks to the ‘Screen Recorder’ and ‘Video Editor’ features in VIDCOPE Video Converter, I can easily create training videos and send them to my trainees so they can learn at their own pace.

Mark Allen

Being a social media influencer, I need a good video converter that can also produce outputs in the platform-specific resolution. This video converter has a wide range of formats for exporting and saves me a significant amount of time.

Asim Faruk

I like music but don’t appreciate the limited equalization options the Spotify and Apple Music apps have. With VIDCOPE Video Converter, I can now download songs from these portals and play them on VLC, where I have more control over looping and sound presets.


Is it safe to use VIDCOPE Video Converter?

Yes. As long as you obtain a genuine copy of the app from the official website, you don’t need to worry about any virus attacks or damage to your PC.

What video formats are supported by HiPaw Video Converter?

The tool supports almost all popular video formats including, MP4, MKV, M4V, MOV, AVI, ProRes, etc.

Is VIDCOPE Video Converter worth it?

Yes, it is. If looking for an all-in-one toolkit for media creation and post-production tasks, you will find all the mission-critical tools under one roof.

Can I convert many files at once?

Yes. VIDCOPE Video Converter supports batch conversions. In addition, you can also define different output formats for files while converting them in bulk.

Can I define the conversion settings myself?

Yes. VIDCOPE Video Converter gives you full control over the format, resolution, and bitrate you want in the converted files.

Is VIDCOPE Video Converter difficult for newbies?

Exactly the opposite. VIDCOPE Video Converter has an intuitive interface with self-explanatory options for convenient operations. Because of this, anyone can use the program without going through a training process or having any prior technical knowledge.

What are the differences between the trial version and the paid version?

Many features on the ‘Toolbox’ tab remain unavailable if you are a free user. Apart from that, you can convert only 1/3 of the length of media files while using the trial version. To lift these restrictions, you must buy a valid license key, after which you can use the program without any capping.

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