How to Play Spotify While Playing PS4/ PS5 (While Playing Game)

Playing games on PlayStation and high-volume music in the background has been a favorite pastime for youths. Considering this craze, the PS4 and PS5 support Spotify music in almost 68 countries.

So, what should you do if you ever felt the urge to play your favorite track on Spotify while finishing close combat on PS4?

The article below discusses the technical procedures on how to link Spotify to PS4 or PS5 and play the music seamlessly.

In the last part, we will tell you about this fantastic tool, DRMare, a popular Spotify music downloader.

Part 1. Official Way to Play Spotify on PS4

Playing Spotify songs on PS4 is a few steps process. Let us understand the complete method of how to play Spotify while playing PS4.

1.1. Download Spotify App and Link Spotify to PS4

You must first download the app to listen to Spotify music on PS4. Follow the steps to know how to add Spotify on PS4.

Step 1. Turn On your PS4 device and log in with your account details.

Step 2. Open PlayStation Store, and search “Spotify.”

Step 3. Download and install the app on a PS4 device.

Step 4. Sign in to the Spotify app with your verified credentials.

(For a valid Spotify account, you can signup from its official website on your PC or mobile.)

Step 5. Now click on link accounts to connect PS4 to Spotify.

1.2. Listen to Spotify on PS4

Once you have the application, you can follow the process to know how to play Spotify while playing PS4.

Step 1. You must long press the “PS” button on the PS4 device.

Spotify in quick menu on ps4

Step 2. After the “Quick Menu” appears, you have to choose Music.

Step 3. Now select “Spotify.”

Note: If Quick Menu does not show Music option, you should click on Customize button, choose Menu items, and select Music.

Step 4. Now play your tracks and minimize to the home screen. You can resume your game.

Part 2. Official Way to Play Spotify on PS5

There is a slight difference in steps to use Spotify on PS5. Follow the steps to understand the complete procedure.

2.1. Download Spotify App and Link Spotify to PS5

Log in to your PS5 account and follow the steps to install and connect Spotify to PS.

Step 1. Open All Apps on your PS5 device from the media home.

Spotify all apps on ps5

Step 2. Find the Spotify app and download it.

Step 3. Sign in using your Spotify account details.

Note: Signup for a Spotify account first if you do not have a valid login.

Step 4. Now click on “Link Accounts” to connect PS5 to Spotify.

If Media home is unavailable, it is probably not supported in your country. In such a case, you can use a Spotify downloader to fetch all your favorite tracks in MP3 format, and play them via USB drive while playing PS4. Check out the Part 3 section of this article to learn how to download and play Spotify songs via a USB drive.

2.2. Listen to Spotify on PS5

After connecting the app to your device, go through the steps to know how to play Spotify while playing PS5.

Step 1. Press & hold the “PS” button.

Step 2. As the control center opens, select “Music.”

Step 3. The Spotify app opens up with a list of songs or podcasts. You can find and select the tracks.

enjoy Spotify while playing ps5 games

Step 4. The device instantly starts playing your song.

Step 5. Now hit the PS button again to play your game.

Part 3. How to Play Spotify on PS4/ PS5 via Spotify Downloader?

Although Spotify is compatible to play on PlayStation, there are several issues raised by regular users.

Most of the complaints are about connectivity issues and disturbing soundtrack, while many games are still incompatible with the online music apps. Another problem is that Spotify in PS4/ PS5 is still not supported in 2/3rd of the nations.

So, a more convenient way to play Spotify while playing PS4 or PS5 is to download the songs or podcasts from the app and then play them via USB drive on the PlayStation.

Downloading songs from Spotify requires a unique tool that can extract the audio files independently on the computer without any protection.

DRmare Music Converter is a suitable tool for downloading the entire music album from the Spotify app in MP3 format, and users can play it on PS4/ PS5 without needing the application.

Key Features of DRmare

  • It can download songs, podcasts, videos, etc., from the Spotify app, even from a free account.
  • The downloaded file gets converted to any desirable format such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.
  • The software panel is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac PCs.
  • Removes file protection DRM from Spotify songs.
  • The downloaded track has 100% lossless quality.
  • This Spotify song downloader allows users to customize the output quality’s parameters like audio channel, sample rate, bit rate, bit depth, codec, etc.
  • It is the fastest music converting software with five times higher speed.
  • The panel has a user-friendly interface.

3.1. Download Music from Spotify to MP3

For downloading the audio files from Spotify, you need to install the DRmare Spotify Converter tool from the official website of DRmare. Follow the procedure to download and convert the Spotify song into MP3 format.

Step 1. Click on the DRmare software desktop icon. This will launch DRmare Spotify Converter, Spotify app on the console.

Step 2. Search for your favorite songs, albums, or playlist. And drag them to the DRmare app’s search box. Alternatively, the app also allows you to copy and paste the song’s URL to the search box. A maximum of 100 soundtracks can be copied and converted at one time.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter

Step 3. You can add more tracks on the panel by hitting the “+” button next to the search box.

edit Spotify output format on DRmare downloader before downloading

Step 4. As a default setting, the app is set to convert the file into MP3 format. You can also change the file format and other parameters by clicking on the menu button with the three lines given in the top right corner of the DRmare app. Here you have to choose “Preferences” to change the settings, followed by the “OK” button.

Step 5. Hit the “Convert” button to begin downloading the songs.

Once the process is 100% complete, you can check the songs in the downloaded folder.

3.2. Play Spotify on PS4 Offline While Playing a Game

Since you have the Spotify tracks in MP3 format on your PC, you can listen to them in the background without interruption while playing a game on PS4/ PS5.

You just need to get a USB pen drive and media player installed on your PlayStation device. Check the instructions given here to learn how to play Spotify songs while playing PS4 or PS5.

Step 1. Connect the USB drive to your PC, and copy the Spotify downloaded MP3 songs into a separate “Music” folder.

Step 2. Remove the USB drive from your PC and insert it into the PS4/ PS5 system.

Step 3. Turn On the PlayStation if it is in Off mode.

play Spotify music on PS4 through USB drive

Step 4. Open the media player on the PlayStation.

Step 5. Check your playlist in the Music folder of the USB drive and play it.

Enjoy the Spotify music seamlessly while playing on PS4/ PS5.


How to fix Spotify not working on PS4?

Ans. It is common to experience issues with Spotify on PS4 when it stops working. In such a situation, you should check for the proper network connectivity on the PlayStation.

If the network is not the issue, try restarting the Spotify app by closing it from the “Options” button. You may also reinstall the Spotify application for an updated version, but if nothing works, reboot the system and check if the problem gets resolved.

Does Spotify music play along with the game music on PS4?

Ans. After you connect Spotify with PS4 and play the song, it keeps playing in the background along with the gameplay soundtrack while the game is On.

You can turn off the in-game sounds of your game if it has an option to mute it and enjoy the music comfortably.

Can I add more songs to my Spotify PS4 playlist?

Ans. Yes, you can add more songs to the Spotify PS4 playlist. You must find the song in the app and click on the three dots button to get the “Add to Playlist” option. From here, you can add new songs to the Spotify PS4 playlist.


The Spotify app is compatible with PlayStation, and a gamer can link both accounts to play the music in the gameplay background swiftly.

But if you are struggling to link Spotify to PS4, try the DRmare Spotify Music Converter tool to download the tracks in MP3 format.

This software is easy to use and lets you enjoy Spotify music more conveniently, without the compulsion of wi-fi networks or compatibility issues.

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