How to Play Spotify Music in Car with/without Bluetooth

Many people think they need a Bluetooth connection to play Spotify music in their car. However, this is not true!

While using the Bluetooth feature is the easiest way to play Spotify music in your car, there are other ways to do so as well.

A cable, USB drive, CD, and other methods I will explore below will get the job done!

This guide will walk you through how to play Spotify through Bluetooth in the car, besides seven different ways to play Spotify music in your car without Bluetooth. So, if you are ready, let’s get started!

Part 1. Play Spotify through Bluetooth in Car with Bluetooth

If your car has Bluetooth functionality, then you almost cut the mustard.

Using your car’s Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect your phone to the car stereo and play Spotify songs.

All you have to do is enable the Bluetooth on both devices and then pair them.

Once you fish, you can play any music from your phone on your car stereo.

Part 2. Play Spotify Songs in Car without Using Bluetooth

If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.

There are still ways to play Spotify in your car, and this section will show you how to do that.

2.1. Connect and Play Spotify Music in Your Car with a Cable

The first and most straightforward way to play Spotify music in your car without Bluetooth is by using a cable.

You can use either an AUX cable or a USB cable, and it depends on what your car stereo supports.

Connect both ends of the cable to your car stereo and your phone, and you are ready to rock and roll.

2.2. Play Spotify Music in Car via USB Drive

When I mention a USB drive, your first thought is probably how to transfer Spotify songs to a USB drive.

The answer is easy, DRmare Music Converter. This powerful Spotify music converting tool can help you download songs, playlists, and albums from Spotify to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, and more.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter

So, the job is straightforward: convert the Spotify song to MP3 using DRmare, transfer it to your USB drive, plug the USB drive into your car stereo, and you are good to go.

2.3. Burn Spotify Music to a CD to Play in the car

This is probably the oldest trick in the book, but it still works like a charm. All you need is a blank CD and a computer.

Again, use DRmare to download and convert the Spotify songs to MP3 format.

When DRmare finishes the conversion, open up your computer’s CD burner and burn the MP3 files to the CD.

I recommend using NCH Software Express Burn Disc Burning Software. It is free, easy-to-use software that does the job perfectly.

NCH Express Burn Disc Burning Software

Once the CD is ready, pop it into your car’s CD player, and enjoy your favorite music.

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2.4. Get Spotify in Car via Android Auto

If your car has Android Auto support, then you don’t need to worry about how to play Spotify in your car.

Android Auto is a hands-free way to use your phone while driving. You can use it to make calls, send texts, and get directions. But most importantly, you can use it to play music from Spotify.

All you need to do is to connect your phone to your car via a USB cable and open the Android Auto app. Then, you can control everything from the Android Auto interface on your car’s display.

The most exciting part is that Android Auto has a voice control feature, so you can play your favorite Spotify song without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

Note: Android Auto is only available for Android phones running 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

2.5. Get Spotify in Car via CarPlay

For all the Apple fans out there, don’t worry. You can use CarPlay to play Spotify in your car using your iPhone device.

CarPlay is a more brilliant, safer way to use your iPhone while driving. You can make calls, send and receive texts, and listen to music while driving in a way that keeps you focused on the road.

Connect your iPhone to your car via a USB cable and open the CarPlay interface. Then, you can control everything from the CarPlay interface on your car’s display.

Note: To use CarPlay, you need to have an iPhone 5 or later with the latest version of iOS. And your car needs to be compatible with CarPlay.

2.6. Play Spotify Music in the Car via Parrot Asteroid

The Parrot Asteroid is an in-car multimedia infotainment system that allows you to play music, make hands-free calls, and more.

It has a native Spotify client, so you can play your favorite tunes without fiddling with your phone.

To enjoy Spotify in the car with Parrot Asteroid, first, you need to download and install the Spotify App from the Asteroid market.

Once the installation is complete, launch the Spotify App and log into your account.

Now, you can start playing your offline songs saved on your device, which means you need a premium subscription to listen to your favorite Spotify tunes.

2.7. Play Spotify in Car via Asking Your Echo Auto / Alexa Assistant

This is the newest and coolest way to play Spotify in your car. Car makers nowadays are building cars with Echo Auto, which is Amazon’s hands-free speaker you can control with your voice.

That means you can ask Alexa to play music from Spotify on your car’s sound system just by talking to her.

Two of the first automakers to provide this technology are BMW and Mini, and it is anticipated that many more will do the same.

If your car doesn’t have Echo Auto built in, don’t worry, you can get Alexa along for the ride with an aftermarket device like Roav Viva.


Do I Need a Premium Subscription to Play Spotify in My Car?

No, you don’t need a premium subscription to play Spotify in your car.

However, some of the methods mentioned above will require you to have a premium subscription to enjoy your favorite song without ads.

Can I Play Spotify in My Car Without a Phone?

Yes, you can play Spotify in your car without a phone. For example, you can use a CD or USB drive to play Spotify music in your vehicle.

How to Play Spotify In Car Without Bluetooth?

There are a few ways to play Spotify in your car without Bluetooth, a USB drive, a CD, or even features like Android Auto and CarPlay will allow you to play Spotify music without Bluetooth.

Does Spotify Use Data in the Car?

Spotify uses data when you stream music from their servers. However, downloading the songs beforehand allows you to play them without data.


Playing your favorite song on Spotify while driving has never been easier.

With all the methods mentioned above, you can enjoy your tunes without any hassle.

Choose the method that best suits your needs and start jamming out to your favorite tunes.

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