10 Best Youtube to MP3 Downloader Chrome Extensions in 2023

Best Youtube to MP3 Downloader Chrome Extensions
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10 Best Youtube to MP3 Downloader Chrome Extensions in 2023

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YouTube has a wealth of content for all audiences. For that reason, there are many who may be interested in downloading some of that content for offline use in an MP3 format. This can be difficult if the video you want to download doesn’t offer a direct download.

Instead, many rely on YouTube to MP3 converters. There are so many out there that it can be hard to find one that’s not only reliable but also trustworthy. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the best YouTube to MP3 downloaders on the internet, most with Chrome extensions for easy integration.

What Is YouTube to MP3 Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome allows you to download and install extensions that add additional functionality to the browser. A YouTube to MP3 Chrome extension is a special extension you can use to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format so they can be downloaded and listened to.

These types of extensions have always been around. Its legality is questionable, especially considering YouTube explicitly restricts the download of videos on its platform. Regardless, they stick around due to their ability to easily download videos when no direct download is available.

Chrome ExtensionBest ForFeesRatings
ByClick DownloaderDownloading and converting videos from 40+ sitesFree, $7.99/year, $9.99/lifetime4.9
4K YouTube to MP3Downloading and listening using the built-in music playerFree, $15 for Personal, $45 for Pro4.8
iTube HD Video DownloaderDownloading or recording and converting online videos$19/year, $29/lifetime, $72.50/lifetime for Family license4.8
ClipConverterComplete in-browser downloadsFree4.8
AddonCropDownloading MP3 files with ID3 tagsFree4.6
YTMP3xManual YouTube conversionFree4.5
AiryDownloading on Windows and macOSFree trial, $19.95 for Personal License, $39.95 for Family Pack (3PCs)4.2
Easy YouTube Video DownloaderDirect, no-fuss downloadsFree4.2
MP3 ConverterOnline and offline conversionsFree4.0
Media.ioConverting YouTube videos into any formatFree trial, $9.99/month for Monthly Subscription, $2.99/month for Yearly Subscription, $59.99/lifetime for Desktop (Perpetual) License4.1

Who Should Get This?

Anyone can make use of a YouTube MP3 downloader Chrome extension. You can download audio files of your favorite podcasts to listen to while offline, or instructional videos if you’re currently working towards learning a new skill. The possibilities are endless, considering the vast amount of content available on YouTube.

Anyone looking to convert YouTube videos to MP3 will benefit from a Youtube to MP3 Chrome extension.

Top 10 Best YouTube to MP3 Chrome Extensions in 2023

1. ByClick Downloader

ByClick Downloader
ByClick Downloader

Best for: Downloading and converting videos from 40+ sites

Price: Free, $7.99/year, $9.99/lifetime

ByClick Downloader is an advanced YouTube to MP3 application that allows you to download YouTube videos with a single click. We consider it one of the best YouTube video MP3 converters for Google Chrome. Once downloaded and active, viewing a YouTube video will prompt a small download option to appear at the bottom-right of your browser. From here, all you need to do is select whether you want to download the video as it is or convert it to MP3.

This application works with not only Chrome, but also Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge. While not technically a Chrome extension, it works the same way, allowing you to download videos directly from your browser.

Although the user interface looks slightly outdated, it contains everything you need to get the most out of the application without scouring through seemingly endless menus.


  • Download videos directly from your browser
  • Cheap license options
  • Works on over 40 sites


  • Licenses are for one PC only

Website: ByClick Downloader

2. 4K YouTube to MP3

4K YouTube to MP3
4K YouTube to MP3

Best for: Downloading and listening using the built-in music player

Price: Free, $15 for Personal, $45 for Pro

4K YouTube to MP3 specializes in downloading videos not only from YouTube, but from most popular websites, including SoundCloud, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook. It downloads audio in its original quality, so you don’t worry about degradation from conversion.

If you have a playlist full of videos, it can take a long time to download everything. 4K YouTube to MP3 allows you to download the entire playlist. The free version allows up to 10 audio tracks per playlist, while the Personal plan will let you download the whole playlist.

The free version allows users to download up to 15 single audio downloads per day. If you’re not a heavy user, this is more than enough, especially since it renews daily. The application also includes a built-in music player and smart file organization to make managing your downloads much easier.

Further Reading: 4K Video Downloader Review


  • Built-in music player
  • Smart file organization
  • Original quality audio


  • No in-browser prompt to download videos
  • Costly Pro license to unlock all features

Website: 4K YouTube to MP3

3. iTube HD Video Downloader

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader
iTube HD Video Downloader

Best for: Downloading or recording and converting online videos

Price: $19/year, $29/lifetime, $72.50/lifetime for Family license

iTube HD Video Downloader makes it easy to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. Download videos by copying and pasting the URL into the application or simply clicking the Download button that appears in your browser. If there’s a video on a site you can’t download, you can use the built-in record function to record the video and then convert it if you want. This feature alone allows the application to be used with almost any website.

The user interface is clean and super easy to use, with all features being visible and easily accessed in the left pane. You can view and organize all downloaded videos from within the application, ensuring you rarely need to switch windows.

iTube HD Video Downloader offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, timely support, and support for multiple languages.


  • Built-in player
  • Download videos directly from your browser
  • Recording function

Website: iTube HD Video Downloader

4. ClipConverter


Best for: Complete in-browser downloads.

Price: Free

ClipConverter is a super-simple and easy YouTube to MP3 converter for Chrome that allows you to convert media from most sites with literally the click of a button. For YouTube, the extension will create a button on the page for you to click and download.

If you don’t want to install the Chrome extension, Clip Converter provides a bookmarklet you can keep in your bookmark bar instead. Clicking it while you have a video loaded will automatically convert it and prepare it for download. This bookmarklet can be used to download media from most sites on the internet, so it’s not limited to just YouTube!

Since it’s free, it falls behind other more premium applications like ByClick Downloader and 4K YouTube to MP3, but if you’re looking for the simple option of downloading and converting to MP3, ClipConverter does an excellent job.


  • Simple extension or bookmarklet install
  • Supports 20 languages


  • No list of officially supported services

Website: ClipConverter

5. AddonCrop


Best for: Downloading MP3 files with ID3 tags

Price: Free

AddonCrop has a dedicated team that keeps it regularly updated. It includes an extensive knowledge base to help with common queries and even offers support through email, all for free. The extension, when installed, adds a download button below YouTube videos so you can easily convert any video to MP3 with just a few clicks.

Unlike many others, AddonCrop allows you to trim specific parts of videos instead of downloading the whole thing. It’s also great for organizing your files. When you download an MP3 file, AddonCrop will do its best to pre-fill ID3 tags, so you don’t need to add them in manually tediously.

As far as function and support go, AddonCrop is doing wonderfully. Many use it as it’s easy to use and regularly updated.


  • Allows you to trim and download a part of a YouTube video
  • Supports bitrates up to 320kbps
  • Automatically adds ID3 tags


  • Unlike its competitors, the extension only works on YouTube

Website: AddonCrop

6. YTMP3x


Best for: Manual YouTube conversion

Price: Free

The YTMP3x service has been around for over 10 years. A majority of its users are found simply through word-of-mouth. It’s a straightforward but useful service incorporating an older conversion style – manual URL copying and pasting.

Users have the option of downloading YouTube videos in MP3 or MP4 format. When converted to MP3, videos are automatically downloaded with the highest quality available on YouTube. This could be considered a pro since it takes you one less click, or a con if you’re looking to choose a specific audio quality.

While no extension is available to make the conversion of videos easier, many still prefer it due to its simplicity. Unfortunately, it’s falling behind other services simply because it doesn’t offer as much functionality. You cannot specify the audio quality, there’s no extension, and you can’t download entire playlists.


  • Fast conversion and download
  • Simple to use


  • No browser extension is available
  • Cannot choose the audio quality

Website: YTMP3x

7. Airy


Best for: Downloading on Windows and macOS

Price: Free trial, $19.95 for Personal License, $39.95 for Family Pack (3PCs)

Airy YouTube Downloader gives you complete control over your downloads. Instead of downloading MP3 files individually, you can link your entire playlist and let Airy handle everything for you. If you want to prioritize the download of some over others, you can pause or cancel downloads from within the application.

The free version of Airy allows you to try it with two free downloads. However, a paid license is necessary for unlimited downloads with unrestricted video lengths. The application has a great number of reviews from both personal users and websites alike.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an in-browser extension. But, we thought it would be best to mention it since it does an excellent job fetching MP3 files for its users. It comes with support for various languages and a knowledge base and support team to address any issues.


  • Available on Windows and macOS
  • Download entire playlists
  • Pause, resume, or cancel downloads


  • No in-browser extension

Website: Airy

8. Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Easy YouTube Video Downloader
Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Best for: Direct, no-fuss downloads

Price: Free

As stated on its website, the Easy YouTube Video Downloader is simple, fast, and clean. It integrates seamlessly with the YouTube page, installing a button just underneath the video you can click to download your specified file format. It acts as a YouTube MP3 downloader extension for Google Chrome.

You can use the tool on Windows, macOS, or Linux computers. A knowledge base is available to answer basic questions. Anything that can’t be answered through the knowledge base can be addressed by reaching out to the support team, who will get back to you when they can.

The current version of Easy YouTube Video Downloader was released on 22 November 2021, so it’s not an application that’s updated regularly. Make of that what you will. However, the application is offered for free, relying on optional donations instead.


  • Easily accessible download button
  • Available on multiple browsers and operating systems
  • Offers downloads in various formats


  • No regular update schedule

Website: Easy YouTube Video Downloader

9. MP3 Converter

MP3 Converter
MP3 Converter

Best for: Online and offline conversions

Price: Free

MP3 Converter by balvin.perrie is a simple converter made using JavaScript. It can pull content from the links you provide and convert them to MP3 format, even with support for ID3 tags for easier content management. It works for both local files and online files.

To make it even easier for its users, it provides an option to “Convert to MP3” right in the context menu whenever you right-click over links or audio and video elements on a webpage. Since it relies on your browser to handle decoding any audio or video streams, the converter can even be used offline to convert local files.

As it runs solely on JavaScript, the file size is minimal, sitting at 3.75MB. It’s also regularly updated by its developer. The tool can be downloaded for all major browsers and only relies on donations.


  • Lightweight and fast
  • Adds download option in right-click context menu
  • Allows online and offline conversion


  • Might be a bit technical for a regular user

Website: MP3 Converter

10. Media.io


Best for: Converting YouTube videos into any format

Price: Free trial, $9.99/month for Monthly Subscription, $2.99/month for Yearly Subscription, $59.99/lifetime for Desktop (Perpetual) License

Media.io by Wondershare is an in-browser converter. Users have the option of uploading their own files to convert, or they can provide a YouTube URL to download. Upon adding the YouTube URL, users can choose what file they’d like to download the file in. Clicking Convert will start this process, then provide a download link for the file.

After adding your YouTube link, you can customize the conversion settings. You can specify the encoder, channel, sample rate, and bitrate (up to 320kbps when available). If you don’t choose any of these settings, don’t worry, Media.io will use its Smart Fit feature to choose the best settings for you.

While it is a useful tool, the pricing is wildly high compared to other tools on the list, which is why Media.io is sitting in the last spot.


  • Offers a wide range of formats to download
  • Conversion from offline and online sources
  • Highly customizable download settings


  • The in-browser extension is somewhat difficult to find
  • Costly subscription prices

Website: Media.io

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download MP3 from YouTube for free?

Our favorite YouTube to MP3 converter has to be ClipConverter. By installing its extension (available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), a small button will begin to appear below your YouTube videos. You can choose to download the MP3 version of the video you’re watching just by clicking the button.

Is downloading MP3 music from Youtube high quality?

This depends on the quality available and the converter you’re using. To ensure you get the highest quality available, make sure you’re downloading the 320kbps version.

Is there an easy way to download YouTube videos in MP3 format?

Yes, as mentioned in this list of YouTube to MP3 converters, you can easily convert and download almost any YouTube video. There are some that work exclusively online, but you can also find some that offer a browser extension or downloadable file.


YouTube to MP3 converters are invaluable to many. They allow you to download copyright-free videos and convert them into MP3 formats that you can listen to. They’re great for listening to podcasts, instructional videos, and even music. Using any of the services in this list, you can have your YouTube videos converted to MP3 format in no time.

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