4 Best Smart Speakers for Spotify in 2023

Best Smart Speakers for Spotify
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4 Best Smart Speakers for Spotify in 2023

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Are you seeking a smart speaker to play Spotify? Then here, we shared the best speaker for Spotify to help you listen to quality music. That time is gone when music was not considered necessary in someone’s life. Nowadays, everyone is aware of the power of music and how music can help one in various ways. Music can benefit one in numerous ways, like providing mental clarity, better sleep, or having fun by listening to hyped songs.

Everyone is fond of listening to music, and music lovers are usually surrounded by a question about the best smart speaker for Spotify delivering music with perfect metrics. A perfect music system is essential when seeking to listen to songs on Spotify. If you, too, are collecting data about the best wireless speaker system for Spotify, then this article is for you.

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Quick Summary

If you have less time but want to know them, don’t worry; here are the answers to your query.

  • Echo Studio speaker is a good choice as it comes up with five directional speakers and delivers sound having high quality in all terms.
  • It is a voice-controlled smart speaker with built-in Alexa and a compact design and consists of two amplifiers. 
  • It is designed by the minds of professionals working at Apple and has a room-filling sound with high-security features.
  • It comes with all-in-one technology and features like a 10-inch touchscreen display with high-quality speakers and woofers.

Who should get this?

Suppose you are dealing with speakers delivering lousy sound and notice several times that the speakers are missing bass, or you want a good experience of listening to your favorite music after a tiring day. In that case, you should purchase some good quality smart speakers.

Good quality smart speakers will not only benefit one in the music aspect but will also last longer and will not give any headaches to the owner of fixing the speaker every month. If you are bored with your standard headphones and want to enjoy music with your friends and family, then the speakers can be your best friend.

Best Smart Speakers for Spotify: Our Picks for 2023

Here we are revealing the list of the best speakers for Spotify. The selection process for this list which includes the best speaker to play Spotify songs is done by proper research on the speakers’ specs and customer reviews about the product.

1. Echo Studio

Amazon Echo studio is the first speaker in our list of the best speakers to play Spotify songs. This small portable speaker with Spotify connect can bless you with quality sound. The Amazon Echo Studio will create a perfect balance of sounds, eventually giving you a delightful listening experience. Also, the ability of the speaker to adapt to any room type is considered the biggest pro by many tech geeks and music lovers.

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  • It has in-built Alexa support.
  • It consists of 5 speakers facing five different sides that can give you an admirable sound quality.
  • It also contains Dolby Atmos technology that can establish a multidimensional audio experience.


  • It is relatively larger, which makes it difficult for one to carry it anywhere.

2. Sonos One (Gen 2)

Sonos One is another powerful speaker that should be a member of your list when seeking the best speaker for Spotify, as it is packed up with some fantastic features. The speaker is small in size and is easy to handle. With this, many customers state that the speaker provides them with good sound quality and is easy to operate.

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  • It includes two amplifiers in it.
  • It provides a rich and room-filling sound.
  • The speaker even supports Airplay.


  • The sound of the speaker can buckle at high volume levels.
  • The speaker does not come up with a Bluetooth connection.

3. Apple Homepod Mini

Next addition to the list of best smart speakers for Spotify is the Apple Homepod Mini. Designed and developed by Apple, this speaker is worth every penny one spends on it. Packed with two speakers, the Homepod Mini will create a perfect balance of sound on both left and right sides, benefiting you with impressive sound quality, and it comes up in the market with a voice recognition system.


  • The speaker is of ultra-compact size, making it easy to carry.
  • The setup is easy to install, and the speaker is easy to operate.
  • Siri’s performance is improved a lot by the professionals.


  • Users complain that microphones do not work accurately.
  • There is no physical microphone button installed in the speaker.

4. Google Nest Hub Max

The next and last speaker on the list is the Google Nest Hub Max. The Nest Hub is a full-fledged gadget that can help a family in numerous ways. Talking about the speaker quality of Nest Hub Max, then, it is exceptionally significant. Also, you can leave video messages with the help of a built-in cam.


  • It comes at reasonable prices.
  • Stereo quality is good for the speaker.


  • The sound quality is not as good as Amazon’s Echo.

How To Choose a Smart Speaker for Spotify in 2023?

If you’re planning to purchase the best smart speaker for Spotify, we will offer you some helpful ideas to be aware of. Because you’re investing your money, you must ensure you get what you pay. A smart speaker comes with three primary specifications that you need to consider in terms of size, audio quality, and cost.

So, let’s hop on some aspects that need to be discussed before buying a smart speaker.

Audio Quality

Some smart speakers are only meant for home automation and assistance, but they won’t be ideal for parties. You need to choose a smart speaker that won’t lack bass and will be able to play crisp vocals and instrumentals in quiet spaces. To get better audio quality, you should go with a smart speaker that comes with a separate woofer (for highs) and a tweeter (for lows). 

Voice Assistant

Three primary voice assistants are connected to an innovative home system: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri from Apple. Alexa is by far the most well-known among them and the most supported for speakers and innovative home accessories compatible with it.

Battery Durability

All electronic device batteries can last for a certain amount of time, which is affected by the amount that it is used, the frequency with which it is charged, and other variables like the temperature. Premium Bluetooth speakers have high-quality, robust batteries engineered to function to their best capabilities for years. Other speakers could make use of batteries that may not be as durable.

How to Play Spotify Songs without Limit?

Many users also ask how they can play Spotify songs without any limit, and in this article, we will answer this question too. As Spotify doesn’t let free users listen to songs continuously, they usually find other ways where they can listen to Spotify songs. Other than that, several speakers do not support Spotify, and those speakers have to convert Spotify songs to play them. Well, not anymore!

Spotify Music Converter

For people trying to play Spotify songs without limit, the best way is to use VIDCOPE. VIDCOPE will convert all the songs on Spotify to MP3 form, and then you can listen to them without any stress; also, the songs can be played on any smart speaker.

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Can a smart speaker play Spotify?

Yes, smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Sonos One, Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen), Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen), or Google Nest Audio can play Spotify. Also, you can use them through voice commands. Most of the smart speakers available in the market are capable of playing Spotify, and one has to just make some basic changes in settings to do this.

How can you connect Spotify to Alexa?

Yes, you can connect Spotify to Alexa and listen to songs freely. One has to just select Spotify as the streaming platform on Alexa official app on iOS or Android. Adding to this, anyone, whether a Spotify premium user or using the free version, can stream Spotify easily by directly connecting it to Amazon devices.

Is it possible to play Spotify on a smart speaker?

You may use voice commands to play music from Spotify on smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, Sonos One, Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen), Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen), and Google Nest Audio. If you have one of these smart speakers, you can use it to play music from Spotify.

Is there a speaker that comes pre-loaded with Spotify?

The Vappeby speaker from Ikea is the first Bluetooth speaker to be integrated with Spotify Tap, and it is now available for purchase. The Spotify Tap app allows you to play music from Spotify with the simple tap of a button, exactly as its name indicates.


Everyone likes some kind of music and wants to listen to the tune of high quality in terms of sound. People generally search for the best smart speaker for Spotify for high-quality music.

For those planning to buy a portable speaker with Spotify connect, we shared the four of them. You can check them out to find the right one for your place.

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