4 Best Portable Spotify Players in 2023

Best Portable Spotify Players
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4 Best Portable Spotify Players in 2023

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The world of portable music players has been on quite the journey since the first Walkman devices appeared. Now, a portable Spotify player has become one of the most popular ways to listen to songs while you are out and about.

While you may be able to access Spotify on your phone, a specific player might be the best music device for running Spotify while you are exercising or on the go. Fortunately, the four models reviewed on this list give you a great option to play your favorite songs anytime.

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Quick Summary

  • Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player – A great device for taking Spotify songs offline and listening on the go, such as when you are exercising. Plus, a very small item for the ultimate in portability.
  • Apple Watch Series 7 is a great choice for existing Apple users and has a huge amount of fitness features, making it handy for runners and those who want to check their workouts.
  • Sony NW-ZX507/S Walkman Hi-Res 64GB MP3 Player is both a high-resolution portable music player with Spotify capabilities and an Android device that can use apps. It has convenient, easy controls.
  • Apple iPod Touch allows you to use a huge number of Apple Apps and can be great for streaming music from Spotify, especially due to its long battery life of up to 40 hours.

Who Should Get This?

Who are portable Spotify players best for? Well, anyone who wants to listen to music and to do so on a separate device.

For example, maybe you want to go for a run, but you don’t want to take your phone with you in case you lose it. A Spotify music player can allow you to leave your precious devices at home and just take one audio player. These devices are super portable, so they are great for taking to the gym, going out for a long walk, or taking on public transport, still having access to thousands or even millions of songs.

Also, if you find yourself having to use your phone a lot but want a separate way to play music, either through speakers or headphones, a Spotify player can do the job perfectly. Being able to log into the music streaming platform on a unique device could be really useful.

Best Portable Spotify Players: Our Picks for 2023

The items below have all been chosen specifically based on our user experience, the research we carried out on what other consumers have said, and the criteria we’ve listed for finding the best Spotify playing devices. Our reviews are independent.

Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player

The Mighty Vibe is a tiny device that allows you to connect to both Spotify and Amazon Music players. If you have ever had an iPod shuffle, this design might roughly remind you of this MP3 player.

It has storage for five hours worth of playlists and podcasts, and you can put them on the Mighty Vibe to listen to when you are offline. You don’t even need an internet connection.

It’s Bluetooth compatible, too, so it can be used in the car or with Bluetooth speakers and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. When you want to sync the audio to the device, you don’t need to worry about annoying cables, and you can even set the device to load new music and update every night.

It’s great for taking running with you as it is tiny and lighter than an ounce. It can be clipped onto your clothes, and the button controls make it easy to switch between songs.

What we like:

  • Tiny and great for workouts.
  • Stores tracks for offline listening.
  • Simple controls.

What we dislike:

  • In an ideal world, storing more than five hours of audio would be great, especially if you’re going on a long trip like a flight.

Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch has proven to be incredibly popular since its launch, and the fact that you can install apps on it means it is ideal for listening to Spotify.

Simply download the application, and you can stream your favorite songs and even use Siri to control the app. Being worn on your wrist, it really could not be more portable.

The watch is also customizable with different bands and face styles, and is incredibly durable and hard-wearing. You can even wear it while you are swimming.

You can stay connected with features like sending texts, listening to music, and even calling for help whenever you want to, connected to wifi or your phone. If you are a fitness fanatic, you can enjoy the features that track your distance and health metrics like blood oxygen.

What we like:

  • Incredible durability and even the option to get this wet without worrying.
  • Send and receive messages.
  • Links perfectly with your other apple devices.

What we dislike:

  • Some of the features like Apple Fitness Plus are not free.
  • Quite expensive to purchase.

Sony NW-ZX507/S Walkman Hi-Res 64GB MP3 Player

Who would have thought that all these decades after their original Walkman, the brand would still be going so strong?

This is an MP3 player with a difference. It supports Hi-Res Audio, and unlike the sort of products the brand was releasing 10-15 years ago, it has Android support, so it effectively works like a small tablet as well as a portable music player with Spotify. You can use it for a multitude of apps.

This model can store up to 18 hours worth of music for offline listening, good for long walks and traveling, and it has simple USB Type C connectivity to connect to your computer or other devices.

You can control it from the touch screen, but there is also a very cool selection of buttons on the side, making it simple to turn up or down the volume or switch tracks.

What we like:

  • Really simple and intuitive controls.
  • Touchscreen with Android capabilities.
  • Support for high-resolution audio files.

What we dislike:

  • Quite an expensive model.
  • You may not get the advertised 20 hours of battery life before recharging.

Apple iPod Touch

The iPod changed the face of the portable music player when first released, and the iPod touch is still an option for people who want to store music on a device or people who want to stream via wifi.

The iPod Touch functions much like a phone, allowing you to download and use apps such as Spotify. As well as being one of the best Spotify devices you can use it for everything from email to watching videos on YouTube, as long as you have an internet connection.

The iPod touch boasts a 40-hour battery life, and the newer models have A10 fusion chips giving fast graphics and performance and being good for the music; they allow you to enjoy a lot of other benefits such as FaceTime and iMessage.

The iPod can be connected via Bluetooth to other devices and your headphones for a wireless audio experience.

What we like:

  • Simple display and easy controls.
  • High-performance with the A10 chip.
  • A great battery life (up to 40 hours).

What we dislike:

  • Not easy to use for music without an internet connection.

How to Choose a Portable Spotify Player in 2023

So, how do you choose the best Spotify device for your own needs? You will see that the devices are quite different, so you may need to match your choice to the scenarios in which you will be listening.

Connectivity and wifi

Will you be listening on the go? It might be best to get a device such as the Apple Watch, this can link to your phone and allows you to use your data from an existing plan, and there is also a cellular version that you can add directly to your plan.

If you are on wifi, then there is no problem. The vast majority of people have access to the sort of modest speeds you need to listen to Spotify.

Some devices store songs offline for you; this is great if you are the sort of person who wants to listen to Spotify while you exercise.


If you’re the sort of person who may drop your device, or you’ll be using it in challenging places, such as in the gym, where it may come into contact with sweat or take some knocks, then you will need something durable.

All four products on this list are excellent for their durability and will last through the punishment!

Storage Space

Do you want to store songs directly onto your Spotify player? If so, it is a good idea to go for something with a bigger hard drive as this will enable you to store more hours of audio for listening, even on longer flights.

Battery Life

The iPod touch boasts up to 40 hours of battery life before you need to recharge, meaning it has the longest battery of any of these products. If you’re going to go long spells where you can’t recharge, this is especially useful.

How to Play Spotify Songs without Limit

Spotify Music Converter

Spotify’s inbuilt “listen offline” function doesn’t let you transfer the files as MP3 or other audio formats to your device, but there is a great solution to this. VIDCOPE can allow you to take the songs from Spotify and turn them into MP3s, which you can then carry around on your device’s internal memory like an older iPod would have.

Free Download Free Download

If you convert the files on your computer, you can load them on any MP3 player.

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FAQs About Portable Spotify Player

Is there an MP3 player that can use Spotify?

Yes, multiple MP3 players can use the Spotify app. Walkman’s current range offers this functionality, as well as Android devices, iPods, and other Apple devices such as the Apple Watch and other options like the Mighty Vibe that sync to your other devices.

Can I listen to Spotify without a phone?

Yes, there are many devices that are a great way to listen to Spotify without being connected to a phone, including all four of the models on this list.

Can I listen to Spotify offline?

The Spotify app allows you to, if you have the premium version. You can “download your music and podcasts, and take them anywhere your internet can’t go.” On the free version, it only works for podcasts. You also have the option to transfer Spotify songs and turn them into MP3s using VIDCOPE to listen offline via devices that support MP3 files.


Whether you don’t want to use your phone for Spotify or just don’t have the option, any of the four models on this list will give you a great alternative. All can connect to your sound system or your headphones and are good for exercising or just controlling your music when at home.

Already using a Spotify player to great effect? Let us know in the comments below.

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